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Visibility? C’mon. If you saw how Facebook juiced autoplay videos when they first rolled out, you know that the network will give Instant Articles the royal treatment in the EdgeRank algorithm.

Technical glitches? While article links to publishers’ mobile sites take an average of eight seconds to load, Instant Articles reportedly load much quicker. And the hype videos for Instant Articles make the medium look absolutely gorgeous.

In world where the average attention span is down to eight seconds, faster loading times (up to 10x as fast, according to Facebook) are huge. The agreement probably won’t stay so peachy forever, but it’s easy to see why these publishers jumped on board.

3. Seriously, Instant Articles are freaking gorgeous, and potentially a game-changing mobile reading experience.

Yesterday, Facebook released its hype video for Instant Articles, filled with dramatic music straight out of a Silicon Valley spoof. But wow—they look amazing. Instant Articles come with a suite of easy-to-use multimedia features that we’ve come to associate with premium, expensive longform projects: cinemagraph covers that are like something out of Harry Potter, autoplay videos that load seamlessly with the text, interactive maps that give you a helicopter view of key points in a story, rich photos that you can explore deeper with a tilt or pinch of the phone, the ability to share or comment specific parts